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  • Best sunglasses for men depend on the intended use and face shape
  • Opposite shaped sunglasses of your face shape are recommended
  • Hard face shape looks good with round style glasses or club masters
  • Round face shape looks good with square sunglasses, wayfarers, and club masters
  • Square face shape looks better with round or oval sunglasses, aviators are a good option
  • Long or rectangular face shape needs round shapes
  • Oval face shape can almost wear any shape of sunglasses
  • Best types of sunglasses for fashion include Ray-Ban hexagonal flat lenses, Serengeti, Randolph Engineering Concord, diff Kodi, Warby Parker Hatcher, and Ray-Ban classic aviator sunglasses.

In this video, Daniel from DLM Men’s Lifestyle talks about the best sunglasses for men based on their face shape and purpose. He recommends wearing opposite shaped sunglasses to your face shape for a better look. For example, if you have a round face shape, square sunglasses are a good option, and if you have a square face shape, round or oval sunglasses will look better. He also suggests various types of sunglasses based on their purpose, such as the hexagonal flat lenses from Ray-Ban for fashion, Nike Hyper Force for sports, and American Optical Original Pilot for driving. He also provides budget-friendly options for each purpose.

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